Hello Families,

One of our 3-year-old students told me that her mummy told her to ask me to put our TEDDY BEAR SONG on our blog. So, thank you for asking and you can click on the teddy below to watch a video of the Teddy Bear song we sing a lot with the 2 and 3-year-old classes.

Any more requests?

With warm regards from Ms Marisa and Teddy!


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Nagore Irigoyen dijo...

Nico (2yearsB) sings a lot Teddy's song. We like to sing and dance it. Even little Sara (1year old) hums the song! I think next year she'll be able to dance it the very first day.

H.H.ko Irakasleak dijo...

Dear Nagore,
Yes, Nico was singing the Teddy Bear song when I went into their classroom today.
Well done, Nico!
And it's great to hear that he's also helping his sister, Sara, to learn the song and the dance. I look forward to dancing with her next year!
Warm regards,

Olimpia Iturri dijo...

Thank you so much for putting the Teddy Bear Song on the blog!
Olimpia has enjoyed it a lot! I think we are going to hear it so many times, because she really loves it! :-)
Kisses from Olimpia

Anónimo dijo...

Thank you Miss Marisa:

Now we can sing and dance the song of Teddy Bear with her

It seems she recognizes the English language since everytime she listens somebody talking it, she answers back: " Hello miss Marisa" and "Bye-bye Miss Marisa"


Maialen's dad

H.H.ko Irakasleak dijo...

Dear Olimpia from Class 3yB,
Thank you for your comment. I'm very happy :) to hear that you like it.
Kisses from Ms Marisa

H.H.ko Irakasleak dijo...

Dear Maialen's dad,

Thank you for your comment.

That's great to hear that you're singing and dancing the Teddy Bear song with Maialen.

And great to hear that she recognizes the English language.

Warm regards,

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